From Big Cat Rescue:

“Zabu was born May
15, 2000 at a circus
and roadside zoo in
New England that has
closed.  It was their
intention to cross
breed Zabu, a white
tiger, with their
resident male lion,
Cameron, in order to
create baby white
Tigers. These freakish
hybrids have become
popular, though this
is not an animal that
would even exist in
the wild. It is
important for people
to understand that by
animal abuse can be stopped.  

White tigers do not exist in the wild.  They can neither hide from
attack nor sneak up to hunt prey.  Man has created the glut of
white tigers in captivity today through rampant inbreeding.  Because
white tigers are all so deeply inbred, they all carry genetic flaws.  
Zabu has a hairlip and cleft palate, which means she has no upper lip
to protect her teeth. We try to educate people to understand that,
for every white tiger they see, many normal colored tigers have
died.  Since public demand for the white tiger has driven up prices
more and more are being bred.  Those that are born “the wrong
color” are discarded in various horrific ways.

We built an extra large cat-a-tat for both Zabu and Cameron to
share since they are truly bonded as a couple.  Cameron received a
vasectomy and Zabu later was spayed in order to assure that no
breeding of any kind could occur.  While Cameron tries to sleep
most of the day away (as lions do in the wild), Zabu is extremely
energetic and is always pestering him to play.  She’ll often give up
on him and just run and jump and play with her big red Planet Ball.  
Of course, that’s after she’s tired of playfully stalking her keepers or
trying to spray the groups of visitors that stop by everyday.  She’s a
mischievous girl!”
Zabu, White Tiger
Endangered Species / Animals at Risk Series.
Original: 10.5"x14", Pastel on Velour Paper.

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Art By Janette Stiles
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