Original: 11"x14", Digital Art
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Wedding Gown
(From "The World of She" Series)
Today, a wedding gown is more than a
dress. It has become the symbol of the
biggest day in our lives. Perhaps as
women, we believe if we wear the
perfect dress on our wedding day that
the marriage will be perfect, too. Even
the time spent shopping for the
ultimate wedding gown has become an
event in itself. Clans of women eagerly
join together to “assist” in the gown
selection, supporting the bride in her
quest. Thousands of dollars are spent,
budgets are rarely kept to and all for a
dress to be worn just one single day!
This painting “Wedding Gown,” began
with a drawing I did of my grandmother
in a theater costume. I added color
and a veil, plus the antique lace
background that She poses in front of.
The detail of this dress, like so many
wedding gowns is breathtaking. The
hours spent designing and sewing were
well worth achieving the final results.   

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