Historically, gray wolves once occupied most of the lower 48 states.
However, human persecution through hunting and predator control
programs, fewer prey and the loss of habitat took its toll.

Different populations of gray wolf around the United States are
protected in different ways by the Endangered Species Act. In most
of the United States, it is listed as endangered. However some
populations are doing better such as the gray wolf in the Great
Lakes region, which are listed as threatened. Why is it important
how a certain population is listed? It matters because those
populations get different levels of protection under the Act.

The National Wildlife Federation plays a key role in monitoring
whether various wolf populations have the protections they need to
thrive; working with biologists and government officials to ensure
wolves get the most appropriate help.

One exciting moment in National Wildlife Federation history came
when they helped reintroduce the gray wolf back into Yellowstone
National Park in 1995. This has lead to a healthier ecosystem in
Yellowstone and an exciting opportunity for America to get back in
touch with the amazing gray wolf.
All profits from the sale of
these prints will be donated to
National Wildlife Federation,
Washington, DC.
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Lyall, Protectress of the Glen
Endangered Species / Animals at Risk
Original: 15"x21", Pastel on Velour Paper.
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