Mayuk, Grizzly Legend
Lyall's Song
Red Tail Hawk
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Hunt for the Last
White Buffalo
Riding Domino
Rollie's Portrait
Abby's Portrait
Country Chapel
Cougar Sketch
Pack Leader
Gunner's Portrait
Clark Griswold
in Graphite
Amee Penelope in
Theater Costume
Marilyn on Her Patio
Poet's Corner
Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor
Hilton Wilding Todd Fisher
Burton Burton Warner Fortensky
Beach Horses Kelly
and Trigger
Lyall and Her Sisters
After Carl Brender's Painting
"Long Distance Hunters"
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Aunt Ruthie
Riding Boomerang
The Lookouts
Kimba and Shiku
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Askar: Out of the Stall and
Into the Light
Following the Ancient Trail
Zippy Chippy
Maddie, Roma and Poppy
Cottonwood Rodeo
Team Roping